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5th-Oct-2009 07:38 am - Breaks during testing?
Hello everyone!

Does anyone know if there is breaks between the different sections of the test?
A quick google search brought up this blog:


which says that this person had 20 minutes break between each section of the test.

...but I thought I'd make sure :)
I'll be taking my test in Washington DC this December.
    Hi everyone.
I've heard nightmarish descriptions about the listening section of the JLPT -- about how the sound is sometimes  too loud, too small, or too far away to make any sense out of it (due to seating). I didn't really think much about how "bad" the listening audio would be, because (arrogant as I am when it comes to these things lol) I thought those people probably had lousy listening skills. Surely I can do well no matter how bad the audio is, right?


   I was taking
this practice examination today (1998 version) , and oh my god, the audio on this exam is incredibly muffled. I hate to believe that the JLPT test takers of 1998 had to bear with such awful sound quality, assuming the audio the website features is about how good it was during the examination. I've tried two practice tests before (2002, 2001), but their audio wasn't as bad as this, but if it can be this bad ... o_O I usually get about 75% for the listening -- With the muffled sound I only scored 50% (I think I guessed more than half of the listening part where you have to listen to the question and the answer). I really hope this year's JLPT will have decent sound.

These are REALLY GOOD BOOKS. I survived the level 1 test thanks to them. A little worn but they have never been written on and everything is intact (dust jacket, CD, clean answer sheets). ALL IN JAPANESE.
I'm selling the books at HALF PRICE of what's listed in AmazonJP converted to USD, except one book that's listed at over 4000 yen that I'm selling at 1200 yen! Please send me a private message to discuss payment/shipping details if you're interested (paypal and moneybookers accepted). Thanks! :) (Sale ends on 8/31. Better get them early so you have ample time to study!)

新基準対応 日本語能力試験1級・2級 試験に出る聴解 (単行本)
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日本語能力試験に出る文法1級 (単行本)
日本語能力試験に出る読解1級 (単行本)
日本語能力試験 1級対策問題集―文法・文字・語彙の総仕上げ自習30回 (単行本)

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9th-Aug-2009 07:53 pm - Ugh so discouraging.
    Hello all,

I'm thinking about taking the 2009 JLPT this winter, realistically at level 2, and ideally(=jokingly) at level 1.

Last week I finished memorizing all of the JLPT3&4 vocabulary words, their kanji writings (required or not, if it was usually written with kanji, I memorized how to read and write it with Kanji... and even some that aren't commonly written with Kanji.) But now that it's time to study the actual vocabulary amount for JLPT2...!

I knew it was a couple thousand words, but just the sheer number of vocab words is very daunting to me. Plus it doesn't really help that when I talk about studying Japanese to take this test with friends they're all "What do you need to know Japanese for in the US?"

Anyway, I'm hoping you could share your studying books and strategies for JLPT2. I don't have a lot of trouble with grammar, but I could use some help memorizing vocabulary and definitely more kanji, however studying just kanji in the past hasn't been effective for me (How is this kanji read, and in what context of speech is it for???). Studying all 5000 words seems like a waste of time so I tried looking on amazon.com and bk1.jp for study books, but I'm not sure which ones would be good for me.

I was memorizing 50-60 new words this way, by shuffling the cards
and writing them over and over until I knew all of them.
(those are all the cards I've made so far)
Nowadays I also try to read at least one news article per day and 1-2 short stories per week.

Also I'm fluent in Korean, in case some of you are also studying from that stand point.

PS -- The study cards that I had made in the past are here:
JLPT4: http://skimlines.deviantart.com/art/JLPT-level-4-Vocabulary-Cards-129859134
JLPT3: http://skimlines.deviantart.com/art/JLPT-Level-3-Vocabulary-Cards-132460903
There are definitely mistakes in the cards, but I haven't been able to go back and find all of them yet. (like the 出 that accidentally got into おいでになる)

PPS -- Here's a good website to practice the listening part: http://japanese.human.metro-u.ac.jp/mic-j/listen2q/index.html
13th-Jul-2009 12:07 am - JLPT vocabulary!
    I hear that studying this thoroughly for the test is unnecessary, but since I don't have many problems with grammar or listening, I'm kind of down to working on my Japanese literacy to prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Exam. Since I spend a lot of time on the computer, I wanted to find a way that to study that didn't rely on the computer, so I started making flash cards using microsoft Word. If you have a printer and some thicker paper (110lb. cardstock has been working well for me!) you can print these cards out yourself and then use a sharp retractable knife to cut them down to size.

You can see and download them here:

It's all JLPT4 vocabulary, but I tried to include as much Kanji as I could, so the cards may be useful for those of you aiming for higher level tests :) Best of luck, and I hope this community is a little more active in the future!
7th-Dec-2008 07:32 pm - JLPT
I am so in-love with this pic

just wondering how did everyone do with their JLPT exams? I just finished taking mine today too. I hope you are all relaxed now. 'tis the time to kick back and relax...

Goodluck everyone.
1st-Dec-2008 09:52 pm - JLPT 4 ANSWERS to PAST EXAMS
I am so in-love with this pic
I NEED your HELP PLEASE. I have looked everywhere but cant find any. I finally found actual past examination of LVL 4 exams. I am trying to review for this sunday by answering 'em but how would I know what my mistakes are.

30th-Nov-2008 08:40 pm - a site for jlpt kanji/vocab study
i stumbled upon this site the other day and i have since been finding it very useful, so i thought i`d mention it here and in learn_japanese.


this site offers a nice, easy way to practice kanji vocabulary for all four levels of the JLPT online and the best part about it (imho) is that if you create an account it keeps awesome statistics about your progress.

since the JLPT is a week away now, i am using this site for review and to help fill in gaps in my vocabulary for 2級. :) hopefully this can be of help to others as well.

goodluck to everyone taking the JLPT this coming sunday! :)
9th-Nov-2008 11:25 am - Quick question
bad kanji
I started out posting these in my journal, but I figured I'd move over here so as not to annoy my non-Japanese-speaking flisters. ^_^

I've been encountering a lot of Tanaka corpus sentences lately, and as you all may know, the corpus is extremely useful but unreliable, since it was put together piecemeal, mainly by Japanese students whose English was only so-so. Occasionally, the translations that pop up in WWWJDIC (which is using the corpus on an as-is, user-beware basis) are just completely wrong, and often I can figure out where the translator went off the rails, but sometimes I'm stumped.

I particularly hate sentences that contain (1)訳 or もの and (2)double negatives... this one has both!

As given by the corpus:

He never hears what I'm trying to say.

This popped up as an illustration of いたって, "very, extremely."

I'm pretty sure the given translation is wrong, but I can't sort out the double nai at the end.

Breaking it down:

私が I
いたって really, very
彼がいうこと what he says (or, the fact that he's talking?)
聞く listen to, hear
訳ない wake nai = it's not that (exactly), it's not like OR there's no reason (?)
じゃない = ??

I want to read it as "It's not that I don't listen to what he says, but..." but the extra ja nai at the end might completely negate the whole thing, I don't know. There is not no reason = there is every reason?

And what is the いたって doing in that sentence, anyway?

I am hoping my co-mod (and the real lifeblood of this place) will jump in, but anyone feel free to take a crack at it. ^_~
31st-Oct-2008 03:02 pm - Request

I'm searching for online / scan material for 2級       ( ^_^ )


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