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N3 Listening files? 
15th-Sep-2010 12:36 pm
Oh woe! [Holic]
Hi everybody!

I hope this kind of post is allowed here ^^ If it isn't, let me know and I'll delete this as soon as possible, okay?

I'm looking for N3 listening material: good books, or files adapted to the new level. I've been searching through the web, but since N3 is a very new level (as you already know) there isn't much yet. I thought I could try listening 3kyuu/N4 audio files, or maybe N2 ones, but my Japanese teacher suggested me to look for a more suitable level: 3Kyuu/N4 would be too low (and I've already passed it) and N2 would be too high for me.

I'd also like to ask you a related question: One of my weak points in this test (and in languages in general XD) is the listening part. I scored less than 60% in the listening section in 3Kyuu last year (but I passed because I did well in the other sections, specially grammar). For some reason, I can't understand most of the conversation and I usually fail with the tricks ^^; This really frustrates me. Any suggestions, please? ^^; Thanks in advance!
16th-Sep-2010 08:10 am (UTC)
Thanks so much for the suggestions! m(_ _)m I'm trying to be very careful with that and in fact, I spent a lot of money this year in books, although I ripped the CDs because I prefer to hear them in my iPod. I only shared the files with my teacher for educational purposes and with my best friend who took the 3kyuu last year. This is why I'm not only asking for files, but also for recs in books or other kind of material.

The problem is the place where I live is very small and we don't have here such things like "conversation partner" arrangements in Japanese. I think I was lucky enough to have found a Japanese native with cheap rates to teach me XDDD

But I'd probably try to rent or borrow Japanese DVDs and hear them with subs. One of my classmates is quite fluent at conversation because he watches lots of videos without subtitles.
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